Oral surgery

Oral surgery is any procedure performed on the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues, including the jaw. Oliver Tabbenor works at the practice on Saturday mornings to offer advice and treatment for a variety of oral conditions.

How it helps

  • Removes teeth that are causing pain and infection
  • Creates extra space for orthodontic treatment
  • Helps in the detection and treatment of oral diseases

How it works

Teeth extraction

A surgical extraction may be needed for a decayed or damaged tooth that has broken off at the gum or one that has not fully emerged, such as an impacted wisdom tooth.

If there is not enough room in the mouth for successful orthodontic treatment, teeth can be extracted to allow for this.

Oral conditions

Oliver can treat a whole range of conditions including salivary gland blockages and oral cysts. We will refer you to Oliver if we discover anything unusual during your regular check-ups.

Call us on 01494 783 874 for more information about how oral surgery can help you.

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