Periodontal (gum) Specialist

GDC 56123

Alison Harley qualified in 1981 from The Royal Dental Hospital, London. This was followed by an MSc degree course in Periodontology in 1984 and she became a registered specialist in Periodontology in 2000. Alison has worked in Lagos, Nigeria where she also carried out research into periodontal disease. After returning to the UK in 1998 she has worked in general practice and as a periodontal specialist in private practice. She currently works two days a week at Guys Dental Hospital teaching undergraduate and postgraduate student’s periodontology and also treating patients with complex periodontal needs. She started at York House Dental Practice in 2010 treating in house and referral patients for periodontology. What is periodontal or gum disease? It is a condition where the gums bleed and start to separate from the teeth. The bone supporting the teeth can be destroyed and the teeth can get loose and may need to be extracted. Treatment involves learning to clean the teeth and then having the teeth and the roots cleaned usually using local anesthetic. Most areas respond well to this, however sometimes a few teeth have persistent problems and need further treatment or periodontal surgery.

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