Dentures are designed to enhance your smile and how your mouth functions by replacing missing teeth. They can be removed for cleaning and are usually made from acrylic, which is sometimes combined with metal for extra strength.

We can provide bespoke partial dentures to fill a few gaps and keep existing teeth in position, or full dentures to replace all your teeth. We can also attach dentures to dental implants, so they remain securely positioned in your mouth. Implant retained dentures are usually used in the lower jaw, as dentures have more of a tendency to move around in this part of the mouth. Stabilising dentures in this way keeps them firmly in place and enhances their functionality, but they can still be taken out for cleaning and soaking overnight.

How they help

  • Create a natural-looking smile
  • Improve how you eat and speak
  • Can enhance the shape of your face
  • Cost-effective

How they are fitted

  • Following a consultation, we take impressions of your mouth and create a model, which we then try out for size and fit.
  • Your custom-made dentures are produced by a skilled dental technician and when ready, you come for a fitting appointment.
  • When you’ve had a chance to try out your new dentures, we will ask you to come back for a follow-up appointment, so we can check they are fitting and functioning as they should.

How to look after them

  • Familiarise yourself – initially, your new dentures may feel too large for your mouth, and you will probably produce more saliva than usual. Eating may also be problematic, so start with softer foods and take smaller bites, and if speaking is challenging, practice talking out loud.
  • Keep them clean – brush dentures gently with a toothbrush (or denture brush) and when you take them out, be sure to soak them in water or denture fluid to ensure they don’t lose their shape.
  • Keep attending regular check-ups – even if you wear dentures to replace a whole set of missing teeth, we will still want to see you regularly so we can keep an eye on the condition of your gums and other areas of the mouth.

If your confidence is affected by gaps in your smile, call us on 01494 783 874 to find out more about our natural-looking dentures.

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