Root Canal Treatment

If the soft inner part of the tooth, the pulp, becomes infected due to deep decay, cracks or a large filling, root canal treatment can remove the affected part, prevent the infection from spreading and help save a tooth.

How it helps

  • Can stop a tooth from being extracted
  • Removes infection that may otherwise spread
  • Eliminates pain
  • More economical than replacing a lost tooth

How it works

We take an investigative x-ray to ascertain the extent of the infection and check the shape of the root canals. We numb the area to be treated with a local anaesthetic, place a rubber sheet around the tooth to help it remain dry during the procedure, and carefully remove the infected pulp with special instruments. We then flush the root canals with an antibacterial solution, and when they are completely clean, seal them with a rubber compound. We top off this filled tooth with a permanent filling or crown. If the root canal treatment is not completed on the same day, we will protect the tooth with a temporary filling between appointments.

How to look after a root canal treated tooth

  • Keep it safe – you need to take a little care with your tooth straight after treatment and avoid biting down on hard foods.
  • Keep it clean – you need to brush and floss regularly to ensure the tooth remains free from infection.
  • Keep attending your routine check-ups and hygiene appointments – so we can regularly assess your treated tooth.
  • Keep healthy – it is wise to give up smoking and cut down on sugary food and drink, to avoid the need for further root canal treatment.

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